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Claudia and her team were excellent and I would recommend them highly - I've never taken advantage of an unpacking service as part of a relocation package but I'm so glad I did. ~~ Lisa P.

I strongly recommend Claudia Winkler.  She is not only incredibly bright, clear thinking, hard working, fair priced, she is compassionate, patient and loves what she does.  She helped me recently with organizing me for a move.  She made "going through my stuff" easy...and house never looked or felt better.  ~~ April P.

My first 4-hour session with Claudia yielded incredible results. I've downsized, so organizing and purging are essential--Claudia helped focus on the kitchen and I was so pleased with our results in that time frame.  I look forward to continuing this effort throughout my home with Claudia's help. ~~ Laine D.

"Hello neighbors! I'm so happy to recommend Claudia Winkler (of Wow! Organized!.) She helped me transform four rooms of my home from a cluttered disaster to a very happy and well-put-together space. She is very hands-on, helpful and patient and best still, she exudes an incredibly positive vibe when you're with her. I've worked with other organizers (some worked well, some didn't) and so I felt fortunate to have found Claudia, as I was immediately comfortable with her style of encouragement and feedback...and fabulous end results. She's great at what she does, and I very highly recommend her!  ~~ Amy R.

"I normally don't write recommendations, but I thought getting organized was going  to be drudgery. It turned out to be painless so I wanted to pass this on  to others.  I LOVE to cook and have shelves of spices and herbs. For years when cooking I have had to take spices from the shelves to get to the spices I wanted to use. Finally, I'd had enough, so I asked Claudia with WOW! Organized! LLC to help. Claudia took one look and within minutes had several solutions to my dilemma.  My shelves are now neat and organized; no more rooting around to find what I'm looking for. Bottom line:  getting  organized was easy and the solution works. The irony is, I'm normally  the organized person that everyone comes to for help. Thanks Claudia!" ~~Janice S.

 "Claudia is amazing. When I moved post-divorce last year to a smaller house and needed to get rid of things that didn't fit, she helped me sort it all out. She has great perspective on what to keep and what to sell, recycle or toss. I highly recommend WOW! Organized! LLC." ~~Cindy Z.  

"I recently was preparing for a large event at my house, and I had been cleaning and preparing for some time. I had so much anxiety about decluttering all of my spaces, but after spending time with Claudia, I finally had the right mindset and could look at the same spaces with a new perspective and proper priorities. We worked through one room together, and I finally got the hang of it. Her coaching and questions allowed me to make the decisions I'd put off and finally, I got my space to the way I liked it. She had creative solutions I'd never considered before. My home went from overwhelming to wow... and the guests only saw wow! Thank you Claudia Winkler, you are awesome!" ~~Irene K.  

"Claudia is a natural at this!  I recommended her to one of my clients that had 30+ years of "stuff" in her basement and had to do a serious purge in order to do some home renovations.  My client RAVED about Claudia and how kind, gentle and thoughtful she was through the entire process.  Although it was emotional work, Claudia made it so much easier for my client.  I would highly recommend her!" ~~Jennifer B.

"I seriously feel the urge to go hang out in our Master Bedroom closet because it’s so tidy in there."
"Our pantry serves as 1 of 2 pantries, a home office, recycling and trash, and cleaning closet as the brooms are mounted on the walls. It was such a mess that the home office part frequently overflowed to the counter where the computer is.  I love the new layout and there’s now room to spare   I can’t tell you how much better this whole house feels! There is SPACE & LIGHT!!! Who knew you could actually pack more in with organization. The craziest part is that I’d reorganized these spaces a dozen times, spent hours on Pinterest, money at the Container Store and it never worked. You are a genius. THANK YOU!!!!!" ~~Adrienne S.

 "When Claudia first arrived to work on our organization’s two basements, it was a disaster. We had decades’ worth of stuff down there—some of it junk, some of it valuable—and had, in fact, recently been told in an annual building inspection that we needed to clear some of it out, because it was a fire hazard. What a relief to have Claudia! Basically, we needed to figure out what we needed to keep (and how to store it safely and efficiently) and what could be hauled away. We also needed a way to quickly and easily access archived documents, and Claudia made all that happen. When someone goes into the basement these days, it’s a far cry from when we used to trip over boxes—we can just head downstairs, grab whatever it is we’re looking for, and get on with our day. Operations are a lot smoother, thanks to Claudia’s help, and we’d absolutely recommend her services!" ~~Emma W.  

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