About Claudia Winkler

Thank you for considering  WOW! Organized! LLC  for your decluttering, organizing and unpacking needs. 

I always seem to be organizing something, so it's just become part of who I am.  My range of experience in the field of organizing is wide.  Here are just a few examples . . . 

  • Living on a sailboat with 2 other people meant there was limited space.  It was tight quarters and every single item needed its own home to prevent everyday items from becoming projectiles on a windy day at sea.
  • Being the National Trails Day Coordinator for Colorado required me to keep track of hundreds of events around the state and market them to thousands of attendees.
  • As the Director of Administration for two non-profits, it was my job to be organized in managing the business operations, as well as to organize various events ranging in size from 50 to 800 attendees.
  • When the time came for our office move to a new location, I was responsible for organizing the move with the least possible impact on our employees and volunteers.
  • Having helped my mom clean out the house she lived in with my dad for 50 years, I know what it’s like to sort through belongings and let go of possessions that have so many memories attached to them. It’s not easy, but it’s very possible.  
  • Currently, I live in a house that’s almost 650 square feet, which challenges me daily to stay organized, prevent clutter, and keep my possessions to a minimum by keeping only what I love, use or need. And I still have room to park my car in my garage!

I know how liberating it is to clear the clutter, reduce excess, and organize what's left so that I know what I have and where I can find what I need.   Personally, I’d rather spend my time enjoying life than I would dealing with the anxiety that having too much unorganized stuff can create.  And I want to help you experience that same feeling too! 

When I'm not organizing, you can usually find me outdoors -- hiking, gardening, snowshoeing, taking photographs, traveling. My most recent trip combined several of my hobbies as I climbed a volcano in Rwanda to observe a family of wild gorillas.  When I'm indoors, I may be practicing yoga, playing my flute, reading a book for my neighborhood book club, or baking for friends.


For more information about my organizing services in the Denver Metro area, or to schedule a free 30-minute consultation,  
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Member and Board Member, NAPO Colorado Chapter
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